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The best electronic cigarettes company, NEXgen E-Cigarette provides a clean and comfortable smoking experience. The advanced technology provides the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere, without the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monoxide or second hand smoke found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Our electronic cigarette products offer a safer and greener environment for both the user and the non-smoking community. If you are ready to make the change for not only yourself, but the people around you, NEXgenSmoke electronic cigarettes can make it possible!


NEXgen Smoke is a United States based company. We are dedicated to supplying those who would like a better lifestyle and a cleaner alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, with a quality electronic cigarette product.   

The founder of NEXgen Smoke initially started his crusade for a cleaner alternative to traditional cigarettes, because his need to quit smoking became imperative.  After much research and hard work, he was able to quit smoking regular cigarettes however, still able to enjoy a cleaner alternative to smoking:  E-cigarettes.

Our founder, was able to continue enjoying the ability to smoke without all the harmful and hazardous consequences of traditional cigarette smoking, and wanted to spread the word.  He created and developed NEXgen Smoke product lines, with the highest industry standards, and our customers in mind. 

Smoking NEXgen electronic cigarettes, is a much cleaner and safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.  NEXgen e-cigarettes are odorless, tobacco and smoke free, ash free, and not a fire hazard, like regular cigarettes. 

Our mission is to share information and products for a safer, cleaner, green environment for you and the people around you to enjoy.

We pride ourselves on customer service and product satisfaction. Please feel free to let us know how we are doing by clicking the contact us link.

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Are you ready to have the freedom to smoke anywhere. Get your nicotine fix without tar, tobacco, or ash. No bad breath, yellow teeth, or bad smells!

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